Biotopic distribution of Lady Beetles (Сoleoptera, Сoccinellidae) in the central part of Western Siberia (Russia)

Z. I. Tyumaseva, E. V. Guskova


The species diversity of Coccinellidae in the central part of Western Siberia is represented by 36 species belonging to 6 tribes and 22 genera. The peculiarities of Coccinellidae distribution into 12 biotopes is caused by the relief uniqueness, floral richness and anthropogenic influence. In forest formations, the species composition of Coccinellidae in mixed, pine-spruce-birch and pine-birch forests is the most abundant, with 23, 19, and 15 species of lady beetles, respectively.


biotopic distribution; Coccinellidae; Coleoptera; lady beetles; Western Siberia

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