Ecological analysis of urban land use towards sustainable development (the case of district 6, Islamshahr, Imam Hussein Township)

Elaheh Farazi Samarin, Hamidreza Joodaki, Fatemeh Adibi Saadinzad


This study aims to examine the user characteristics of the Imam Hussein town and the location of the town in Islamshahr, the use of its land in terms of spatial distribution and location and per capita use, as well as the desirability and efficient use of land and maintenance of it, especially agricultural land. Also, in this research, the library and documentary methods have been used to develop a theoretical framework, research and review of previous research, and the results and analysis have been analyzed and evaluated. The results of the research indicate that most ANP and SWOT users using the technical model Of Imam Hussein's township in terms of per capita size and their poor distribution at the level of the city are in a bad situation and indicate the inadequacy of adequate program planning City planner and city authorities.


land use;sustainable development;Imam Hussein Township;district 6 of Islamshahr

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