Ecological-cohenological analysis of Eastern Podillya flora

О.V. Mudrak, H.V. Mudrak, S.F. Razanov, Zh.A. Kavun


Using the herbarium data, literary and cartographic sources and our own field studies, an inscription on the flora of the Eastern Podillia comprising 1210 species belonging to 526 genera and123 families has been compiled. The ecological-coenotic analysis of the state of the region’s higher vascular plantsby the ratio of species to the water and light modes has been analyzed. On the basis of the conducted research, it has been found that 35.7% and 25.9% of species belong to Xeremosophytes (432) and Mezoxerophytes (313), respectively. 390 species (32,2%) of the total belong toSithophytes and Heliosciphytes, 386 species (32%)-to Heliophytes. Investigating the ecological-coenotic structure of the region’s flora, it has been established that it consists of 16 categories, where the dominant group is presented by meadow-steppe - 191 species (15.8%), meadow - 185 species (15.3%) and forest nemoralis vegetation - 183 species(15.1%). The conducted ecological-coenotic analysis of the flora of the Eastern Podillia reveals the patterns of organization, development and resistance of ecosystems, underlying the conservation of biodiversity, and allows to solve the problems of introduction, selection, agriculture and the balanced use of the region as a whole.


species;flora;phytodiversity;ecological-coenotic analysis;biodiversity;Eastern Podillia

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