Study of Gilan’s environmental plants & natural products as anti-cancer drugs: S-NICS method

Neda SamieiSoofi, Karim Zare, Majid Monajjemi


As using the drug-plants around of the worlds such as Gilan in Iran (including plants compounds with the local names of Trshvash, Chuchaq, Cote D’Couto and Khlvash) are significantly important, naturally-derived compounds were used for developing of over 70% of clinically useful anti-cancer agents. In this work, important investigation of some of these agents are exhibited and classified to the identity of their significant role in the production of agents thought derived from plants or marine compounds. The mechanisms by which these agents exercise their antitumor action are calculated via analyzing of NMR and physical chemistry properties. The drugs which are discussed in this article, some of them are in pre-clinical trials or clinical development and some are available in market such as Matrine, Cytarabine, Gemcitabine and Vidarabine. In this work, we have optimized and discussed about several active compounds which are extracted from famous plants through NMR study. There are no works in theoretical of a statistical approach in NMR shielding and nucleus independent chemical shifts for study of antidepressant and antihistamine drugs, while the asymmetry (η) and skew (κ) parameters are fluctuated in small distances and are alternative in large distances in the center of heterocyclic rings for Matrine, Cytarabine, Gemcitabine and Vidarabine. In this work, we have investigated the statistical methods by computing of nucleus-independent chemical shifts-SNICS in point of Bq motions in the center of sphere in shielding and de-shielding spaces of antidepressant and antihistamine drugs.


NMR shielding;S-NICS;Matrine;Cytarabine;Gemcitabine;Vidarabine

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