Rural entrepreneurship and sustainable development towards environmental sustainability (Central Bardaskan City area)

Mojtaba Hosseinzade, Hamid Jafari, Mohammad Ali Ahmadian


The goal of establishing a sustainable entrepreneurial activity is to improve human well-being, the environment and the income of individuals. These kinds of businesses consider the ecological risks as well as the environmental pressures that can hinder the creation of new employment opportunities. Based on this study, after studying sustainability literature and sustainable entrepreneurship, the evaluation of sustainability indicators in entrepreneurial activity in the villages of Bardaskan city has been addressed. The method of research in this study in terms of purpose is applied and descriptive-analytic in terms of method. The data gathering method was a questionnaire and field visit. The statistical population of the study consisted of 22 villages with more than 100 inhabitants from the central part of Bardaskan city. Due to the limited statistical population, sampling was not performed and all villages in this section were selected as the sample population. The population of these villages in 2017 totaled 10,331 people in 3,636 households. 3745 households were selected by means of the modified Kochran formula. The data were collected through a questionnaire. The results of the Friedman test show that the components of effective factors in rural entrepreneurship development can be ranked on the rural environment indicators from the villagers' point of view because the assumption of the equality of these components with the smaller p-value is rejected from the test level of 0.05. According to the results, it can be concluded that from the viewpoint of villagers, the most effective factor affecting sustainable development was the fact that there were facilities and services for entrepreneurs, and the factor in providing needed capital and marketing was in the second place.


entrepreneurship;rural entrepreneurship;rural development;sustainable development;Bardaskan

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