Effect of cultivating seeding-machine on the yield under various plant feeding area

S.V. Masliiov, O.O. Beseda, N.A. Tsigankova, Ye.S. Masliiov


The article is dealed with the research of seeding machines of seed drills, namely: interaction of speed of movement and uniformity of seeding on emergence of seedlings of plants and distance between them. We performed the the analysis of the most common sowing aggregates and conducting experiments abd determined the main indicators of the impact on the yield of cultivarstaking into account the power area and the principle of the operation and design of seed crop sections.The results of experimental data on the influence of plant density, sowing precision on the yield of conditioned varieties of hybrids of corn are presented. The comparative data on the growth dynamics of sugar corn is presented, depending on the plant density. The given data on productivity of conditioned swaths of hybrids of sugarcorn depending on the density of plants standing. The recommended optimum density of plant standing and the speed of the sowing unit is suggested.


plant density;hybrid;seed drill;seeding machine;speed;productivity;yield;growing technology;interval;distance;sugar corn

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/2018_337

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