Ecologization of tillage methods with the aim of soil fertility improvement

I.O. Yasnolob, V.M. Pysarenko, T.O. Chayka, O.O. Gorb, O.S. Pestsova-Svitalka, Zh.A. Kononenko, O.M. Pomaz


The reasonability of the necessity of soil fertility improvement in Ukraine by introduction of tillage systems is grounded in the article. The peculiarities of the main tillage methods (ploughing, minimum and zero) are considered, taking into account the national and world’s experience. The advantages and disadvantages of each tillage method, which enable to evaluate their significance for agricultural producers, are identified. The criteria of the evaluation of tillage systems on the basis of sustainable development according to agronomical, economic, social and ecological directions are suggested. The necessity of introduction of tillage methods is proved, as their use allows to increase the productivity of agricultural machinery and the resources involved, to reduce the incurred costs and ecological impact on the environment as well as will provide a long-term development of agricultural production.


minimum tillage;organic farming;soil fertility;soil and climatic conditions;agricultural lands;natural environment

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