Food specialization of bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Apidae, Bombus Latreille) of the Sredneobsky lowlands

A. T. Demidova, Z. I. Tyumaseva, E. V. Guskova


For 14 species of bumblebees, Bombus distinguendus, B. hortorum, B. consobrinus, B. muscorum, B. pascuorum, B. schrencki, B. bohemicus, B. hypnorum, B. pratorum, B. jonellus,  B. sporadicus, B. lucorum,  B. sichelii and B. semenoviellus in the conditions of Sredneobsky lowlands, we have revealed trophic connections with 83 species of metasperms belonging to 68 genera of 25 families.



bumblebees; Bombus; Food specialization; Hymenoptera; pollinators; Sredneobsky lowlands

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